The Gathering 2013: boldly going where no gathering has gone before!

Post date: Feb 10, 2013 1:2:47 AM

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The Gathering 2013:

boldly going where no gathering has gone before

We recently received the following from Blackrock Castle Observatory in Cork. They are asking all those taking part in The Gathering 2013 to upload a few photographs or short film clips (2min approx.) of their respective events so that they can (and here’s the cool bit) send them into space!

‘Gathering the Gathering’, as part of The Gathering initiative

Be part of the largest effort to record the pulse of a nation and leave your Gathering legacy. At the end of 2013 all of the messages will be sent into space!

Gathering the Gathering is a special initiative as a way to remember the Ireland of today. We’re sending the spirit of The Gathering and Ireland into space and you can send yours too.

All you have to do to be involved is to upload a short video of your event, pictures or a message for free on at any time from the first to the last minute of 2013. Over 1700 have been uploaded so far since January 1st!

It’s far from snail mail but these postcards will take 10 years to reach their destination, an extrasolar planet called Epsilon Eridani b. As your event message and thousands of others travel through the empty depths of space you will be able to visit our website at any time from the first minute of January 2014 and track it on its journey. In 2023 the digital time capsule that stored all of the messages will be opened to reveal its contents to the world and all who participated will get a unique look back into their past and the lives of the people around them in 2013.

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