The Splendiferous Tale of Ferdinand Fox

by Rose Morris

with illustrations by Karolina Smorczewska

Ferdinand is a dashing, playful young fox, born with a mark that seems to set him apart somehow. A message from on high, delivered in the form of a 'bolt from the blue', sets him on his way, recalling an admonition previously given to him by his Mammy, to pull up his socks!

Ferdinand and his Mammy, soon to be joined by Seagull Sam (a geographer and a famous oceanographer from Amsterdam), set off in search of The Annals of Darkness and Light, hoping that they will shed some light on the nature and purpose of Ferdinand’s calling. Their journeys take them around the world, eventually finding the Annals, hidden away for centuries in an Elphin site: a pastoral paradise and calm retreat located somewhere in the west of Ireland. Ferdinand learns that he must go wherever creatures are in need, and to help to protect the Earth so as to ensure its conservation and re-birth. This he does with great gusto and determination, making friends and gaining much respect and admiration along the way.

Finally, Ferdinand realises that his efforts to end the Earth’s sad retrogression will be in vain, unless he can somehow get his message across on the world stage. He makes a daring bid to persuade the world’s most powerful men and women to take action for the planet. Otherwise, as he says, "The Earth will die through your great lack of caring."

A children’s fable, told in the form of illustrated verse that is suitable for all ages but particularly aimed at reading levels of 7-12 years. A glossary of difficult words and phrases is also included, along with map illustrations that help the reader to chart Ferdinand’s travels.

Illustrated children's verse. 48 pages, full colour. Paperback.
First published in Ireland in 2015 by The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-0-9571157-9-8

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