Abbey Chimes

Roscommon Abbey Writers

A collection of short stories, poems and Haiku.

From the Foreword to this anthology, by Peggy Sims:

"Roscommon Abbey Writers was formed in 1986. We always held our meetings in the Abbey Hotel, hence the name of the group. Initially a small number of us interested in writing came together following some talks on writing, which we attended in the VEC.

"We were without direction, without funds, without support, without expertise.

"We began to write. You could say we were self-taught. We developed and persevered even when our numbers were as low as two. We had workshops, literacy evenings, and readings. As the years went by our membership increased. The group always had determination, discipline, talent, optimism, vision and a fervent desire and love to create stories and poems. We have survived now for twenty-one years. The V.E.C. were always very helpful and we have had financial assistance from the Roscommon Arts Council, which enabled us to organise workshops and other events."

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