The Battle for Coman's Wood

by Mario Corrigan (with illustrations by David Butler)

An American family has come to Ireland for 'The Gathering', in time for Halloween, for the ancient festival of Samhain. Their journey becomes a quest to thwart the evil plans of Queen Medbh and The Morrigan as terrible, evil creatures issue forth from beneath the earth. Men rally round the ancient banners to defend what they hold dear.

Our brave heroes must face the might of these supernatural forces, in an epic showdown in the ancient wood, Coman's Wood, near Owneynagat; the gate to the OtherWorld the gate to terror and destruction.

This book was assisted and inspired by students of Castleplunkett NS and Abbey NS in Co. Roscommon. "It is," in the words of Roscommon County Librarian, Richie Farrell, "a mythological, historical, fast-paced adventure story ... a must read for pre-teens and adults alike."

Fiction, children's fiction, historical fiction, mythology
162 ages with illustrations. Paperback.
First published in Ireland in 2014 by Do Fish Wear Pyjamas Publications
ISBN: 978-0-9575800-3-9

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